Water Leakage Problem in Split AC – Easy Solution

Are you facing a water leakage problem in split AC and want a solution? Don’t worry because in this article I am going to give you all answers.

It’s a really frustrating situation when you face this leakage problem in your split AC and especially when it’s a peak summer season.

No one wants to deal with this issue as it can really suck off your mind when your indoor unit has this water leakage problem.

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Reason for water leaking problem in split AC

There are various reasons for water leaking problems in your AC. Generally this problem occurs when there is a problem in your drain plate or drains pipe of the indoor unit.

Most of the time you can fix it by yourself in case you don’t want to call a technician but for that, you should know the basic knowledge of air conditioner.

Luckily you have landed on the right page because here you will get the all reasons for the water leakage problem in your split AC with an accurate solution.

Below are some reasons for having water leaking problem in the air conditioner.

Blockage in your drainage pipe

When you face this problem, make sure to check your drainage pipe first because blockage in drainage pipe is very common reason. If the pipe is draining very less water with dust then there are chances of blockage in your drainage pipe.


First of all, you need a vacuum cleaner; it can be wet or dry. Now suck the drainage pipe with the help of a vacuum cleaner very carefully without damaging the air conditioner.

If there is any blockage, it will get cleaned. Now, most likely your problem will be solved.

Damaged Drainage plate

In this scenario, the water drainage plate must be damaged or broken so that is why you are facing water leakage problem in split AC’s indoor unit.

Mostly it happens when your air conditioner got old or you have bought a second-hand air conditioner.


In this case, you must know some technical knowledge because the drainage plate needs to replace or repair.

You have to open the air conditioner and check if there is any damage or cracks on the drainage plate. If you can’t fix then don’t try it because it can be damaged further. Just call the mechanic or AC service provider for a better result.

Air Filter Dirtiness

It happens when your air filter gets very dirty and can’t able to pass the proper cooling. In this case, the evaporator gets cold and freezes. As a result, ice melts, and the drainage plate can’t handle that water and hence you face a water leakage problem.


You just need to de-attach the air filters and replace them with a new ones, as they are very easy to replace.

After doing this you will experience that you are getting proper cooling without any water leakage problem.

Issue with Your Condensate Pump

Generally, this happens when your air conditioner is placed in the basement, and if there is an issue with the condensate pump, then it can’t pump out the water. So, in this scenario, you face a water leakage problem in split AC’s indoor unit.


In this case, you just need to repair your condensate pump or replace it with a new one. Most likely your problem will solve.

Issue with Refrigerant

If you are facing a water leakage problem in split AC so there may be chances of issues with your refrigerant.

It also can’t pass the proper cooling and as a result, the evaporator faces extra cooling and freeze. The ice on the evaporator melts and you face a water leakage problem in the air conditioner.


This problem you can’t rectify by yourself. You must need to call an AC technician because your refrigerant needs to repair and because of that you face low refrigerant and water leakage problems.

Dirty or Damaged Coil

Dirty and damaged coils are also the cause of the water leakage problem in split AC. It happens when you missed the regular service of your air conditioner, so the grime and dust cover the coils.

And in the worst condition, it can damage your AC’s coils. As result, you face this water leakage issue.


This problem is not big and you no need to worry about it, even you can fix this as cleaning the coils is not the big deal unless you know how to do it.

It’s better to call the professional to get this work done and make sure your air conditioner should be serviced on a regular basis.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Below are some frequently asked questions and their answers.

Q. What is the reason for water leakage in split AC?

There can be lots of reasons of water leakage problem in split AC but the most common reason is chock in drainage pipe or the place where water collect to drain.

You can solve this issue with the help of a wet vacuum cleaner to vacuum the dust or other particles.

Q. Is water leakage from AC dangerous?

Water leakage problem is not dangerous unless your refrigerant is not leaking. If your refrigerant is leaking then it can become a dangerous issue because when it leaks, the cooling liquid evaporates in the air.

So, don’t take any risk just call the air conditioner repairing service and call them as soon as possible when you see this problem. 

Q. How do I fix my leaking air conditioner?

If your problem is one of the above in this list. You can fix this issue in most cases if you are aware of some technical skills. There are very common causes of water leakage problem in split AC that you can fix it without wasting your time and money.

Q. Can a dirty air filter cause AC to leak?

Yes, if your air filter is dirty then this can be the cause of the water leakage problem in split AC.

Because the air filter passes the air to the evaporator coil and if these coils can’t get proper air to work then it can be freeze and after melting the ice, water collects at drainage place.  Because of the overflow, it can be a water leakage problem.

Q. Is it normal for AC to drip?

If your air conditioner is installed by a mechanical or by own, then most likely the problem is with the installation process. Most likely water dips frequently basis in case of any incorrect installation.


So these are the points you need to focus on while solving the water leakage problem in split AC. There is no need to worry about it unless it damages your air conditioner coils.

Most likely this problem occurs because of the drainage system, it can be the drainage plate or pipe.

Most of the causes you can fix on your own, you just need to be very careful while doing this. It can harm your air conditioner if you do something wrong.

If the condition is not in your control then please call the AC professional.

If your air conditioner is too old and having problems frequently basis, then in this case you need a new air conditioner. Find the best 1.5 ton split AC and best 2 ton split AC. Check and make your choice accordingly.

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