Best LED Study Table Lamp In India 2021

Top 7 Best Study Table Lamp in India | Best-Selling on Amazon

You must be agreed on this, if you want to focus on anything then you cannot do this under the regular overhead light. In this case, you will feel some irritation or strain in your eyes.

In some cases, you will absorb the slight headache and you start to rub your head from the backside.

You can avoid this behavior by using the quality LED table lamp while doing your study, office work, any handcraft work, reading, writing, etc.

As there are lots of table/desk lamps are available online so it is not an easy task but not impossible on other hand.

Here in this article, we have covered the important points, which you need to consider like brightness level, adjustable, flexibility, rechargeable, durable, and many more.

After analyzing 50+ desk lamps we have come to the top 7 bestselling table lamp in India, which you can also use for many other work as well.

You can also use these table lamps for decoration purposes in your bedroom or living room.

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1# Philips 61013 Air 5-Watt LED Desk light (Black)

Philips 61013 Air 5-Watt LED Desklight

This Philips table lamp is specially designed to reduce glare, eye fatigue, and eye strain. In other words, it is a safe and secures LED desk lamp, which you can use for your daily uses to increase your productivity.

The color temperature of this LED study table lamp makes a perfect atmosphere and as well as increase your focus for doing your task.

The body of this light is made with high-quality material, which makes it a durable and long-lasting LED table lamp.


  • Type of Bulb: LED
  • Cool daylight ensures you get bright and accurate focus light.
  • Power: 5 Watt.
  • Voltage: 220 Volts
  • Power Source: AC Adapter.
  • A very compact and foldable light to use as per your requirement.
  • Warranty: you will get the 2 years of warranty on this product.
  • High-quality plastic material used.
  • Long-lasting and durable.

2# OPPLE LED Rechargeable Flicker-Free Study Table Lamp (White)

OPPLE LED Rechargeable Flicker Free Study Table Lamp

If you are looking for a rechargeable table lamp for study in India then this lamp is made for you.

This OPPLE’s desk lamp is a best-selling product on Amazon and got 4.3 stars out of 5 from their existing uses.

Apart from that, the 360-degree adjustable feature will amaze you. Yes, you can also adjust the angle of this lamp as per your need in any direction.

No need for any button, it comes with touch sensor switch technology. You just need to touch and you will get your desired brightness as per your demand.


  • Light Brightness: Low, Medium, High
  • Switch type: Touch Sensor
  • Safety charging indicator.
  • 360-degree adjustable twisted tube.
  • Made with high-quality material.
  • Portable to use anywhere as it comes with a rechargeable battery with USB port design.
  • Very easy to use and consume less electricity for charging.
  • Warranty: it comes with 2 years of warranty from your invoice date.
  • Built-in 500mah rechargeable battery, which runs long-lasting.

3# Wipro Symphony 6-Watt Rechargeable LED Table Lamp for Study (White)

Wipro Symphony 6-Watt Rechargeable LED Study Table Lamp

The next table lamp is from a well-known brand Wipro, it is very famous for its brand value and deliver high-quality electronic products.

This rechargeable battery table lamp is also very sturdy and long-lasting. This battery used in this lamp is capable to deliver 15 hours of strong light, which you can use for your regular task.

It is ultra-adjustable and provides 180 degrees bright light coverage.


  • Type of light: LED
  • Voltage: 220-240
  • Wattage: 6 watts.
  • The battery used: 3000 mAh light-weight lithium battery.
  • It comes with a 0.5m USB wire for charging purposes.
  • Feather-touch switch
  • Warranty: 6 months product warranty, which will start from the date of the invoice.
  • Weight: 798 grams.

4# Bajaj Softlite Mini LED Rechargeable Desk & Table Lamp

Bajaj Softlite Mini LED Rechargable Desk lamp

This mini LED study table lamp is from the Bajaj family. You must have heard about this brand that is famous for its product quality and its durability.

They have introduced this portable LED table lamp for study, which is flexible and comes with a rechargeable battery.

No matter where you are, you can take this bright LED table lamp for more focus and increase your productivity.


  • Light source type: LED
  • Wattage: 2 watts
  • It comes with touch switch technology with 4 intensities.
  • Comfortable for your eyes and glare-free light output.
  • Ultra-flexible body with inbuilt pen stand.
  • Micro USB charging point.
  • Best for students and office work.
  • Rechargeable desk lamp.
  • 6 months of warranty on the product.
  • Eye-catching and attractive design.
  • Perfect finishing product.
  • Full value for money.

5# Rrimin Bulfyss USB Flexible Reading Study Table Desk Lamp (White, Light Black)

Rrimin Bulfyss USB Flexible Reading Study Table lamp

Super flexible and compact LED study table lamp is best for those who are looking for an adjustable led light to focus on their study or office work.

This desk lamp also comes with a clip, which you can fix on your keyboard or screen while doing your work.

It required a USB power supply and hence no need for any battery. Best focus light for reading, writing, study, etc.


  • Type of light: LED
  • Very low power consumption.
  • Product light: Warn, white, white.
  • Soft LED light, which is best for your eyes.
  • No battery required. USB power supply.
  • Clip design to fix any keyboard or screen.
  • Made with durable material.

6# Azacus Rechargeable LED Touch On/Off Switch | Desk LED Study Table Lamp

Azacus Rechargeable LED Touch On/Off Switch

The very convenient and multifunctional LED modern table lamp is perfect for those who want to study at night. 

It also comes with an inbuilt rechargeable option that requires a USB charging cable, which is easily available in every Indian home.

The design of this LED table lamp is very unique and manufactured in such a way so that each and everyone can be satisfied with its 360-degree flexibility. Rotate it in any direction and it will be balanced.


  • 3 shades of light: Low, Medium, High.
  • Longarm study table lamp.
  • Inbuilt rechargeable option.
  • The low part of this lamp can be also used as a mobile stand.
  • 360 Degree flexibility.
  • Stationary holder stand.

7# Wooum Rechargeable LED Touch On Off Switch LED Table Lamp for Student

Wooum Rechargeable LED Touch On Off Switch LED Table Lamp for Student

This eco-friendly with non-toxic material used LED table lamp is suitable for all age group kids, seniors,s, or adults.

The design of this lamp is very portable and compact in size so that you can carry it anywhere you want.

It comes with a rechargeable battery, which is long-lasting and durable. Apart from that, the light of this lamp is very soft and protect your eyes as there is no any dazzle light or strobe flash.


  • Type of light: LED
  • USB power supply.
  • The brightness of this lamp is adjustable as per need.
  • Safe for eyes.
  • Best for all age groups.
  • It consumes very less electricity.
  • Touch sensor switch. Just press longer and increase/decrease the brightness.
  • Value for money product.
  • Attractive design.
  • Good power backup.
  • Rechargeable battery.

Best LED Table Lamp for Study in India

Did you ever experience focus on a regular overhead light or doing your important work in natural light from the window? Surely you must have experienced the eye itching and an initial level of headache.

Apart from that, your eyes will start to burn or you can feel strain along with that.

We all have experienced this behavior because when you focus on anything without a proper bright light then only you will feel this irritation in your eyes and slightly a headache.

You tried to relieve this discomfort and start rubbing your eyes and also rub your head from the backside.

Trust me you can get rid of this behavior and you can study with focus without having such problems.

You can add a desk lamp on your table and now you can focus easily without having any irritation in your eyes or any kind of headache.

These bright LED table lamps come with many brightness options, which you can set as per your need and requirements.

LED table lamps are designed in such a way so that it can help you to protect your eyes from strain and help to increase your productivity while doing your work or study.

Perfect Desk Lamp Selection:

There are a lot of table/desk lamps available in the market but finding the best one is a little bit challenging task for anyone.

LED table lamps can be used in many ways like for study purposes, for office, reading, writing, etc. you will have to decide first your preference then make a list of features you want from it.

You can also find these lamps online by searching LED table lamp Amazon, here you will get some of the best LED desk lamps for study or office purposes.

The choice of features can vary from person to person and hence you can find your desired features from your selected table lamp.

It can also happen as some of the LED lamps are really good but the features of that lamp are not up to mark as per your preference then, in this case, you go to the next lamp.

Your desired features and the look of the table lamp will decide which LED table lamp is perfect for you.

There are also some considerable points where you need to consider before making any decision.

Some of them are given below.

Best LED Desk Lamp for Study in India: Considerable Points before Buying

Purpose of LED Desk Lamp:

Before buying a table lamp, you need to focus on the purpose. The most common purpose can be for study, office work, writing, reading, and any other works.

As per your purpose, you can set the features you need and hence search accordingly. 

How Much Brightness You Need:

Poor lighting can affect your eyes and you can face an initial headache out of it for the short term. But still, there is no evidence that shows longer uses of dim light affect the vision of eyes.

You can get rid of this by selecting the right brightness in your table lamp, which you are using if for study or your office work.

So, before making any decision makes sure the table lamp has enough brightness to give comfort to your eyes.

Adjustment and Flexibility:

Nowadays, most of the LED table lamps come with full adjustment feature. It means you can adjust the angle of these lamps by rotating the upper portion of light.

Some of the table lamps come with 180-degree flexibility, whereas some of them 360 degrees. You can choose as per your need and requirement and make decisions accordingly.

Brightness Adjustment:

There are lots of table lamps available with many brightness adjustment features. Generally, these lamps come with 3 levels of brightness adjustment that are low, medium, and high.

You have to understand that what brightness level you want for your purpose of using a LED desk lamp.

Rechargeable or Normal:

Generally, there are two types of table lamps available in the market. The very first one is with the cord to use in regular wall jack and another one with a LED table lamp rechargeable.

The rechargeable battery of these lamps can be charged with a USB cable, which is normally available in every Indian family.

Lamp Size:

Yes, LED table lamps come in different sizes. It depends on where you want to use them and how big your workplace is. Consider this point before buying your ideal lamp.


Some of the table lamps are very expensive and some of the LED table lamp prices is very reasonable. You have to make your budget and then choose accordingly.

You will also find some lamps with a warranty period but it does not mean the table lamp without a warranty is not a durable and quality product. In warranty products, you will get some assured that if you face any problem then it can be fixed easily and without paying extra money.

Final Words:

We have analyzed 50+ table lamps and hence we have come up with the list of Best LED Study Table Lamp in India with full specifications and features.

In this article, you will get all the required information, which you need to know before buying any LED table lamp for study.

Comment below for any questions or queries. We will reply as soon as possible.

Thank You. 

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