7 Bestselling Adjustable Gaming Chair In India 2021 – Reviews

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Before creating this list, we have analysed 90+ gaming chairs and finally got our list as per customer’s reviews and industry experts.

I’m sure, after reading this gaming chair’s buying guide you will be able to make your decision for the best gaming chairs available in India.

Gaming Chair – Need and Requirements

Before going further, let’s discuss what is gaming chair? how it is different from normal chairs.

So these chairs specially made to deliver full comfort for professionals or pro level gamers.

After considering the sitting positions and movements of professional players, these chairs are invented so that, they can play games while sitting on the single place without any problem.

Gaming chairs are not bound to use only for gamers, other professionals can also use these chairs. 

  • Freelancers, who usually do their work from home only while sitting on a chair.
  • Someone who need a comfortable chair for their home.
  • If you are have any back pain issue then you can also use these gaming chairs for full comfortable experience.

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Bestselling Gaming Chairs in India 2021

1# Green Soul Monster Ultimate Gaming Chair

Green Soul Monster Ultimate Gaming Chair

Best choice for professional gamers all time. This gaming chair is also one of the bestselling on Amazon with 1000+ ratings on it.

This ultimate and multifunctional gaming chair will expend their limits and deliver comfort in every sitting position.  

The breathable and premium soft fabric allows the air flow and keeps it flowing on your back to provide cool and comfortable sitting experience.

It comes with adjustable backrest angle of 90-180 degree and you can lock any position of this chair as per your need & requirement.


  • Heavy Duty Metal Base
  • Adjustable Backrest
  • 60mm Dual Caster Wheels
  • Made with Memory Form
  • Neck/Heal Pillow
  • 3 Year’s Manufacturer Warranty

2# Savya home by Apex Crusader XI Gaming Chair

Savya home by Apex Crusader XI Gaming Chair

This multipurpose Savya Chair is also known as racing game chair. As you move rapidly while playing the game, so this chair makes sure you feel comfort with their breathable premium PU leather.

The assembling of this chair is very easy and you will get all required hardware tools to assemble it within 10 to 15 minutes only.

If we talk about the material, so this gaming chair is made with heavy duty metal base which is approved by BIFMA with 360-degree swivel.

You can also use this as office chair, computer chair or ergonomic chair.


  • 170 Degree Tilt Lever
  • High Adjustable Armrest
  • Ultra Smooth Caster Wheels
  • Attractive Design
  • Perfect For Gaming

3# Savya home by Apex Crusader XII MESH Gaming Chair

Savya home by Apex Crusader XII MESH Gaming Chair

Here we are presenting this fully dedicated chair to gamers and work professionals.

The design of this gaming chair is little bit bold and attractive. This chair is perfect to enhance your gaming experience and expend your ability while sitting on a single place.

You will get not only chair but also Recliner + Retractable Footrest and apart from that you can adjust this chair at any position with just your hand control.

Now, if you are feeling lazy then no need to leave your place, just expend this chair limits and take rest for a while.


  • 155 Degree Tilt Lever
  • PU Coated Smooth Wheels
  • Native Sponge Cushion
  • Easy Retractable Footrest
  • Heavy Duty Soft Armrest
  • Complete Relax
  • Ergonomic Design

4# Nokaxus Gaming Chair Large Size Gaming Chair

Nokaxus Gaming Chair Large Size Gaming Chair

Here is another top featured gaming chair in India. Now you can play games or work whole day by sitting on this chair but you will not feel any tiredness.

This chair comes from Nokaxus brand which is famous for their quality and services. On Amazon this chair got 1900+ ratings by their existing customers.

If we talk about the material, so it is made with high quality PU leather and this chair is equipped with soft and large handrails, which you can adjust as per your comfort.

This chair is equipped with a footrest or a retractable footstool and a USB waist massage pillow.

We highly recommend this chair if you want to feel full comfort while sitting on the single place.


  • Retractable Footrest
  • 90-180 degree Adjustment backrest
  • USB Waist Massage Pillow
  • Ergonomically Designed
  • Head Pillow

5# Enrage Fabric (Red and Black) Gaming Chair

Enrage Fabric (Red and Black) Gaming Chair

This ergonomic design gaming chair is made by Enrage Company. The seat height of this chair is adjustable from 90 to 180 degree, which is fully dedicated to deliver full comfort while playing games or doing office work.

It comes with a lumber cushion and headrest pillow, which you can remove and set as per your requirements.

High quality fabric and heavy duty metal base makes this chair very long lasting and durable.

This chair is not only for gaming or computer purpose, you can also use this chair to feel comfort at your home for multiple uses.

35 inches tallest back rest of this chair make sure to deliver comfort for even a tall height user.


  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Height Adjustable Arm Rest
  • High Quality Material
  • Heavy Duty Metal Base
  • Easy to Assemble
  • 90-180 degree adjustable

6# Ant E Sports GameX Gamma Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Ant E Sports GameX Gamma Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Enjoy the true gaming experience with this full adjustable gaming chair from Ant E Sports brand.

The design of this chair is made to spend countless hours and mainly focused high comfort range.

The equipped features of this adjustable gaming chair are especially for those who want to remain seated for long period of time.

If we talk about the backrest area, so you can also enhance it by 90 to 135 degree easily or as per your comfort.


  • Tilt Lock
  • Adjustable Armrest
  • Lombard Support Pillow
  • High Quality Metal Frame Construction
  • 90-135 degree adjustable backrest
  • Attractive Design
  • PU Leather Material

7# Ant Esports WB-8077 Adjustable Gaming Chair

Ant Esports WB-8077 Adjustable Gaming Chair

The last chair of our list of best gaming chair in India is also from Ant Esports brand.

This chair is also an adjustable gaming chair with lots of features to provide comfort while doing your stuff.

The material is same as used in above Ant Esports gaming chair but the different is in designing and the colour.

The durability of this chair is also up to the mark and you can choose this chair to expend your limits to experience gaming life.

Other features are including adjustable seat height, 90-135 degree adjustable reclining feature, comfortable backrest, etc.


  • Easy to Assemble
  • Adjustable Armrest
  • Adjustable Backrest
  • 90-135 Degree Reclining
  • Heavy Duty Metal Base

Types Of Gaming Chairs

There are various types of gaming chairs available in the market, some of major types are given below.

Apart from that you can also customise these chairs as per your need and requirements.

  • Pedestal Gaming Chairs
  • Racing Gaming chairs
  • Computer Gaming Chairs
  • Console Gaming Chair
  • Hybrid Gaming Chairs
  • Bean Bag Gaming Chairs

Pedestal Gaming Chairs:

The design of pedestal gaming char is very unique as it is the combination of rocker chai, swivel chair and a recliner.

These types of chairs are very comfortable and when you sit then you will feel that your legs are in relaxing mode.

These chairs are slightly raised from the surface and the rest part is on pedestal base. These gaming chairs don’t have 4 legs to rotate or move easily. 

If we talk about the shape, pedestal gaming chairs are comes in ‘L’ shape and looks very attractive.

You can also customise it by using their features to different gaming needs or as per your requirement.

Racing Gaming Chairs:

You have understood already by its name that, these chairs are mostly used for racing games.

Now days racing gaming chairs are mostly used in many other games as well. The reasons of using these chairs are ultimate comfort and adjustments.

Mostly genuine leather and PVC leather used to make these gaming chairs and also focus the breathable feature.

The little bit design of racer gaming chairs is taken from a sports cars seats.

While sitting on this chair, you can rotate your angle in any direction and some racer gaming chair’s backrest can adjust 90-180 degree as well.

The cushioning comforts are perfect in these chairs and you will also get some detachable cushions, which you can use as per your requirements. 

Computer Gaming Chairs:

This is another most common gaming chair in this type. These chairs are the combination of office chairs and a gaming chairs.

You are not bound to use these chairs only for the gaming purpose, you can also use for office work as an office chair.

The main motive of these chairs is to provide comfort while sitting on the single place for uncounted hours.

Mostly these chairs are suitable for those, who want to play computer games without any disturbance or discomfort.

You can expend your limits while sitting on this superior comfortable chair for better gaming experience

The commonly features of these computer or PC gaming chairs are adjustable backrest, reclining feature, armrest adjustments, caster wheels, etc.

Console Gaming Chairs:

This is a type of Pedestal gaming chairs, these chairs are highly comfortable just like pedestal chairs.

The different between Console gaming chairs and Pedestal gaming chairs are the base of these chairs.:

In Console gaming chairs you will not get any specific base, whereas in Pedestal gaming chairs you will get a pedestal base.

You can also say like, in console chairs have very less or no surface but in pedestal chairs have come space between surfaces because of using pedestal base.

Hybrid Gaming Chairs

The meaning of hybrid chairs is the combination of two or more than two chairs.

Mostly these gaming chairs are customised by very few professional games, who can afford it.

For example, if you want a gaming chair with including some features of racer gaming chair and some features of console gaming chair then this type of chair can be called a Hybrid gaming chair.

Some of hybrid gaming chairs are also available in the market but if you want with specific features then you can get customise it as per your needs and requirement.

Bean Bag Gaming Chairs:

These chairs are full of flexible and comfort. Bean bags are mostly common in 1970 but suddenly, this concept is came back again very rapidly.

Now, bean bag gaming chairs are very famous among gaming professionals.

If we talk about the features, so this chair have no headrest, armrest, backrest and any kind of lumbar support.

It offers superior comfort with its flexible and light weight nature.

Some Considerable Points You Need to Focus Before Buying the Best Gaming Chair


The comfort is our main focus point for buying the gaming chair. So before making any decision, you should make sure the features of the chair are worth it to deliver superior quality comfort experience.

Some gaming chairs also come with footrest, so if you want to experience more comfort then you can choose that chair as well.

Gaming Chair Price:

Before investing on any gaming chair, you should make sure the worth and quality of that chair.

It means, when you decide to buy a gaming chair, you should check what you are getting after spending your money and it is worth it or not.

Apart from that you should also focus on main required features in that gaming chair.

Material Used:

Generally, the genuine leather or PVC leather used in gaming chairs.

You should make sure the material used in your gaming chair is high quality and long lasting.

The cushioning feature is also a main part of chairs because if you will not get enough cushioning feature then you will not get that much of comfort level.

Some gaming chairs come with extra detachable cushions, which you can use as per your requirements.


You should purchase a gaming chair with adjustable backrest. It means you can adjust it as per your need and requirements.

If we talk about the adjustable limit, so some gaming chairs you will get with 90-180 degree adjustment feature, whereas some gaming chairs comes with 90-135 degree adjustment.

On the other hand, there are also some gaming chairs with no backrest adjustment feature.

So, you should check before buying it as per your budget and preference.


Armrests also come with many adjustment features, which you will get in a perfect gaming chair in India.

These are most important when you sit on a chair because without armrest the whole pressure will be on our shoulders and you can also feel pain on your back after some time.

So make sure to have adjustable armrest in your gaming chair in order to get full comfort.


If you get some warranty on your buying product then it mean you are buying after sale services as well.

Somehow, warranty builds up the trust factor towards your gaming chair or any other products.

So if you are planning to buy a gaming chair then you can also check the warranty part and what time period warranty you will get on your chair.

Frequently Asked Question and Answers (Q&A):

Q. What do gaming chairs do?

The main work of gaming chair is to maintain the right posture while sitting on the chair.

Apart from that it also gives you the great comfort level so that you should not feel any problem while playing the game for uncounted hours.

Q. Are gaming chairs worth it?

Yes, Gaming chairs are totally worth it.

If you are a gamer or your work is to sit in front of the computer and if you feel some discomfort then you must buy one of the gaming chairs available in the market to enhance your comfort level.

A good quality gaming chair comes with breathable feature so that your body can be cool all time.

Q. How long do gaming chairs last?

Usually a gaming chair life is around 4 to 5 years, only when you buy a good quality chair from a reputed brand.

If you buy a low quality gaming chair then it can last 1-2 years only.

Q. What is the best use of gaming chair?

The main use of gaming chair is to provide comfort while sitting on one place for uncounted hours.

If you are not using any comfortable chair then you may face some health issues like back pain, neck pain and other.

Sitting on the right posture is very necessary, if you are playing game or doing your office work.

This chair comes with some adjustable features, which you can use it as per your need. 

Q. Are gaming chairs good for your back?

Yes, a gaming chair is very good for your back and a very healthy gaming experience.

Best Platforms to Buy the Best Gaming Chairs in India

Gaming chairs are available in many online platforms, where you can buy a gaming chair in India at reasonable prices. Among those online platforms 2 of them are given below.

Gaming Chair Amazon

As you must be aware about the Amazon online platform, it is very popular in India now days.

Not only a gaming chair but you can also buy other tons of products at very reasonable prices after consider the reviews and rating given by existing users.

The delivery service is very fast and secure and there is also return and refund policy.

Gaming Chair Flipkart

Flipkart is another trusted online platform, from where you can buy your gaming chair.

It is also a very fast growing e-commerce platform in India and you will get good deals as well.

Just like Amazon, the delivery service is secure and you will get multiple product choices as well.

Final Words:

So, here in this article we have reviewed 7 best gaming chair in India 2021. In this list we have covered almost all required points that you need to consider before buying your gaming chair.

If you still have any question or doubt, you can comment below. We will surely reply as soon as possible to clear your doubt. Till then good bye and stay happy.

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