Best Folding Bed in India 2021 | Space Saving Beds

Hey buddy, if you are searching for the best space-saving folding bed in India then your search is completed here.

You can also Check on Amazon for leading foldable beds or else stay tuned for considerable points before buying the best one.

If you are buying these foldable sleeping beds to provide comfortable sleep to your guests then go for it. As they are compact in size and easy to more, you can easily store them in your store room.

Some of the best quality folding beds come with comfortable mattresses, which you can also fold it along with your beds.

Here in this article, we have reviewed the top 7 best single folding beds with all specifications to help you with your ideal choice.

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1# AmazonBasics Premium Rollaway Best Folding Bed with Mattress | 4 Inch Memory Foam

AmazonBasics Premium Rollaway Steel Folding Bed

This Premium rollaway steel folding bed can be the best choice for your guests or personal use and it comes with a 4-inch memory foam mattress, which makes it very comfortable.

Setting up this foldable bed is as easy as 1-2-3, without using any tools or any assembly required.

When it is not in use, fold it in two parts and employ the safety lock system and roll into the next door or store room with the help of easy movable wheels.


  • Ideal for visiting overnight guests.
  • Folding bed dimension: 75L x 31W x 18H (inch).
  • 4-inch memory foam mattress.
  • Made with high quality material.
  • Rolling caster wheels to make it easy movable bed.
  • Folding this bed is very easy and you no need for any assembly.
  • Safety lock is available for easy folding.
  • Easy to setup and storage.
  • It comes with 1 year limited warranty.

2# Springtek Rollaway Bed with Free 6-Inch Foam Mattress and Lockable Wheels

Springtek Rollaway Folding Bed

This foldable bed is a perfect solution for additional sleeping space at your home or hotel. The free 6-inch foam mattress to makes you feel royal and very comfortable to sleep you deserve.

Springtek rollaway folding guest bed can set up with in few seconds, you just need to open it and hurry…. It’s ready now.

Easy to move wheels make it easy movable bed to roll it anywhere one place to another.


  • Product dimension: 191cm Length x 91cm Width x 15cm Height.
  • Exceptional stabilization and comfort.
  • Full metal iron folding frame with 4 extra high-quality legs.
  • Locking brace for your safety.
  • Luxurious foam mattress to provide ultimate comfort while sleeping.
  • Load Capacity – the load capacity of this folding bed is 150Kg.
  • Pure iron and epoxy coating used in this bed to prevent corrosion even in humidity areas.
  • It comes with 360-degree caster wheels for easy movable from one place to another.
  • Easy to fold and move.
  • Lockable wheels to provide stability while sleeping.
  • Perfect choice as an extra bed for guests at home or hotels.
  • You will also get a 1-year warranty on the product against manufacturer defect.

3# Coleman Trailhead II Cot Strong Stable Portable Folding Camping Cot with Carry Bag

Coleman Trailhead II Cot Strong Stable Portable

Coleman is one of the leading brands of USA for outdoor recreation product as well as for camping. This brand is well known for their quality product and durability. 

This strong portable foldable bed is best for camping, picnic, a guest at home, hotels, etc. The extra wide-design of this bed delivers the comfortable sleep that you deserve.


  • Product dimension: 193 x 63.5 x 33 centimetres
  • Military style build quality and it supports up to 300 pounds.
  • Extra wide design for more sleeping space.
  • It comes with a carry bad, which makes it easy to carry while going for outside activity.
  • Strong folding steel frame.
  • Strong material used in this folding bed provides more sturdiness.
  • Easy to setup and transport.

 4# Kurtzy Foldable Bed Cot for Camping, Picnic, Home and Outdoor (183cm x 61cm)

Kurtzy Folding Bed Cot for Camping, Picnic, Home and Outdoor

Amazing construction and strong build quality makes it best and easy to use folding bed in India.

You can use this bed for your overnight guest or carry it for any outdoor activity like a picnic or camping. 

It is made from high quality sturdy steel frame, which makes it camping friendly and can accommodate large individual.


  • Made from Oxford cloth and sturdy steel frame.
  • Product dimension: 183cm x 61cm x 33cm.
  • Ideal bed for everyone such as Adult, Camper, House Guest, Children, to use at park, garden, camp side backyard, etc.
  • The cloths is used in this bed is purely washable.
  • Easy to use, you just need to expend it and use it any time you need.
  • Great choice for temporary guest visits your home.
  • Ultra-portable and light weight.
  • Very easy to carry and consume less space.

5# Sahni Portable furniture Single Steel/Iron Steel Bed foldable with Mattress

Sahni Portable furniture Single Steel/Iron Folding Steel Bed

Innovative and high quality single bed with mattress especially designed for Indians to provide comfortable sleep without any hassle.

It comes with superior quality, which makes it durable and long lasting. Using this folding bed is very easy just unpack and it is ready to use.


  • Easy to handle and no assembly required.
  • Product dimension: 188cm length x 91cm width x 46cm height.
  • Made from reinforced carbon steel with protective power coating, which prevent corrosion even in humidity area.
  • Perfect for guests at home, hotels, hostels, etc.
  • It comes with attached hard mattress of 1.5cm thickness.
  • The approx. weight of this product is 15 kg.

6# Tyag® Bed Stainless Steel Sleeping Folding Bed for Home, Camping, Picnic, Outdoor

Tyag® Folding Bed Stainless Steel Sleeping Bed for Home

Get, this multi-colour best folding bed in India for house guest, campers, adults, children, camp site and other outdoor activity.

It made with high quality Oxford cloth and steel frame, which run for long lasting and compatible for large individuals.


  • Product dimension: 183cm x 76cm x 41cm.
  • Brackets wear anti-slip mats to increase the friction.
  • Best for overnight guests, camping, to use at park, etc.
  • Made with high quality cloth and durable steel frame, which make it long lasting product.
  • This foldable bed used the washable bed, which you can clean with water and soap.
  • Easy to carry and compact size.
  • Load capacity is approx. 310 kgs.
  • You can sets up and fold with in few seconds.

7# Sahni Iron/Metal – Black Color Stripes, Portable furniture Single Folding Bed

Sahni Iron/Metal - Black Color Stripes, Portable furniture Single Folding Bed

This is another folding bed from Sahni furniture, which is also durable and easy to use and made with high quality reinforced carbon steel.

It is a perfect and best foldable bed for guests at home, hostels, hotels, and other many purpose.


  • Strong and durable product quality.
  • Product dimension: 188cm x 91cm x 47cm.
  • Power coating on body to prevent corrosion even in humidity environment.
  • Easy to use and you no need for any assembling.
  • Specially designed for Indians.
  • Easy to carry and consume less space after fold.
  • Comfortable while sleeping.
  • The weight of this bed is approximate 21 Kg.

Advantages of Having a Folding Bed in India

There are lots of benefits of having a foldable bed for home use as we all for outer activities.

Now days, due to increasing the land price and demand people are bound to live in small houses or apartments. So this was the time when that innovative furniture was introduced.

Folding bed works as space saver and one of such kind. These folding beds are not only beneficial but also look appealing too.

Some more advantages are given below.

Portable: Folding bed comes with expandable legs, which you can use for your overnight guests or you can carry with you for picnic, camping or any other outer activity.

Most of the people are not comfortable while sleeping in the tent, so these foldable beds can be the ideal choice to deliver ultra-comfortable sleep.

Consume Less Space: These foldable beds are more popular now days because of their foldable feature. If you are living in a rented room or in a hostel then it is the must have product for you.

You can carry them with you anywhere when you are shifting and some folding beds also come with movable wheel to make your shifting hassle less.

Affordable: Yes, these foldable beds are affordable too. There are some brands in the market that manufacture good quality folding beds with high strength and durability. You can also get them in many colours as well, as per your requirements.

This is the one time investment and takes the advantages or these beds in many ways.

Considerable Points before Buying the Best Folding Bed Online

Good quality Material:

Before buying the best folding bed for home, you must check the frame quality. It must be made with high quality metal because as you are buying the foldable bed then you must be fold and unfold multiple times. If the quality of frame is not up to mark then you may break after some time.

Easy to Use and Storage:

Using of these folding beds are very easy, as you no need any assembling required. Some of these beds come with movable wheel, which you can use to move one place to another.

Storing of these foldable beds is very simple, just fold them and place it anywhere in your store room or any corner of your house.


Before buying any best foldable bed online, make sure the mattress is comfortable and made with high quality material.

Generally high quality mattresses conform as per the body shape. So before making any choices consider the softness, thickness and should be easy to fold with folding bed.


In this list of best folding bed in India, we have covered almost all considerable points that you need to focus before buying the best foldable beds online.

Before making this list we have analysed 50+ folding beds and consider the existing user’s feedback and finally come up with this result.

If you have any query or questions then you can comment below. I will surely reply. Till than take care.

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